Worshipping in Sign since 1876.

Worship Services

  • Worship at 10:000 a.m. led in Sign Language.

  • Gathering for greetings, set-up, coffee begins at 9:30 a.m.

  • Refreshments and program after worship.  (Gluten free too!)

What to expect

  • We are happy to offer voicing for hearing worshipers.

  • Our informal worship offer opportunities to ask questions, share experiences and relate the scriptures to our real lives.

  • We focus on God's glory and mystery.

  • Episcopal worship is "liturgical" ~similar to Catholic & Lutheran worship.

  • Sunday School and Nursery are available with our hearing host parish, Grace Episcopal Church. (We do not yet have services for Deaf children, but we will work with you and Grace Church to help create a spiritual home for your family and hire interpreters for Children's Sunday School as requested.)

Special Worship Services

  • Baptisms and Preparation to become a Christian.

  • Confirmation (when our Bishop visits + education to prepare for it)

  • Weddings for Members 
    (Please note: Faithful couples of any orientation may be married in the Episcopal Church.)

  •  Funerals for anyone